DMAC Final Project

In collaboration with Katherine Robisch, I worked on a final DMAC project focused on multimodal assignments. Our purpose was to create a repository of multimodal assignments for our DMAC colleagues — a collection of assignments that could be further used as a resource at our own institutions. We also interviewed a number of scholars on their use of multimodal assignments. Our goal was to learn about the various types of multimodal assignments and the curricular context of such assignments.

To find out more information about your project, the invention, emerging themes, and reflections on our collaboration, please access the blog posts on the right side of the webpage.

DMAC Invention: the Shuttle Effect (Ligia)

DMAC Invention: Donuts and Tea (Katie)

Multimedia Assignments Across Courses and Institutions

Emerging Themes: Beliefs and Philosophies Guiding Multimodal Pedagogy

Emerging Themes: Assessment

Reflections: A Collaborative Process

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