DMAC Invention–Donuts and Tea (Katie)

Initially, I wanted to create a resource for instructors in my department–something that offered multimodal assignments ready-to-go with:

  • assignment sheets
  • practice activities
  • assessment materials
  • anything they would need

In my experience, teachers hesitate to incorporate these assignments partially because they don’t feel confident teaching technology, but also because they don’t have the time to learn how to scaffold and assess the assignments.

DMAC Narratives

At DMAC, surrounded by instructors from all over the country and the disciplines, I realized I could also get narratives and reflections of teaching these assignments–giving credibility to my repository while also getting first hand advice on troubleshooting or making the experience worth it.

Over tea and lunch, Ligia and I talked about the resources we wanted to bring back to our department, realizing together, we could collect so many more interviews and link our resources back and forth.

Ongoing development

As we pursued interviews, the project took on a life of its own, at least for me. I drifted back into my freelance journalism days, getting wrapped up in what people were sharing to look for ‘the story.’ Initially, I’d wanted to share the interviews as part of a much larger resource, preferably one that showed off all of the multimodal composing skills I picked up at DMAC.

But we realized how rich a resource these interviews provided just in themselves, and we wanted to share our collaboration both with our participants as well as others at DMAC.

So, this webtext presents our research, describes our process, and highlights some of the emerging themes we traced. It needs work to become more accessible and could use video polishing and better design and links. But we tried as best we could to present the research we obtained in a way that would help others to develop assignments, reflect on their assignment practices, and share ideas.

I look forward to your comments for improvement, and thanks to everyone who inspired and helped with this project.


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