Multimodal Assignments Across Courses and Institutions

One of our objectives in this project was to interact with both graduate students and professors from various institutions. We hoped to collect multimodal assignments that writing instructors have used in various courses, but also to learn about the course context of those assignments. Here are the questions we asked:

1) Please share one or two multimodal assignments you have used in your writing courses.

2) Please comment on the course context for these multimodal assignments or the sequence of assignments you have used relative to this multimodal assignment.

3) What is your favorite technology to use in your own research or pedagogical practices?

We have assembled a rich collection of multimodal assignments in the DMAC SHARE folder. These assignments come from courses such as First-Year Writing composition courses, technical communication, advanced writing courses, digital composition courses, writing in the disciplines, and general education, writing-intensive courses.Please refer to your email to access the link.

The participants in this study represent a range of disciplines including film studies, disability studies, Africana studies, and rhetoric and composition. Through these interviews and multimodal assignments, we also learned about various course contexts from peer institutions in the US – University of Mississippi, Ohio State University, University of Michigan, Angelo State of University, Temple University, University of California at Irvine, George Washington University, Virginia Common Wealth University, Louisville University, Arizona State University, and University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth.


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