DMAC Invention: the Shuttle Effect (Ligia)

The “Shuttle Effect” The impetus for this final project came from the so-called “marginal” conversations, shuttle rides, short explorative campus walks, and numerous lunch/ dinner conversations with DMAC colleagues. These in-between spaces allowed for informal questions, for reflections, and further inquiry. Perhaps, in some ways, each one of us came with certain questions shaped by our own research or pedagogical investments, as well as our institutional contexts. DMAC sessions whether focused on technical skills or on digital composition scholarship (e.g. disability, assessment, intellectual property, media across contexts, etc.) answered some of those questions while also raising new ones. The shuttle allowed for an informal space to carry on the conversation. We were interested in finding ways to take the knowledge acquired here at DMAC, and explore the possibilities for our own contexts. Some questions persisted: What are other assignments can we develop for our writing courses? How portable are such digital composition practices to other institutions and departments where digital composition may not be at the center of the curriculum? From the shuttle, the conversations continued over lunch breaks, and that’s how Katie and I got connected and started our final project. Both Katie and I see this project as a fruitful collaboration since we managed to condense much work in a short time. We also see these multimodal assignments and the interviews we collected as a resource that DMAC participants can access at their home institutions for various purposes including training workshops in digital pedagogy.


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